Plant Information

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Plantasia Nursery has over 600 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.  In addition to meeting all of your needs for basic landscaping plants, we offer a large selection of specimen plants. We specialize in rare and unusual plants, including various weeping, topiary, standard and pom-pom specimens. We also have an extensive selection of Japanese Maples in all sizes.



Plantasia Nursery is your source for fresh, quality container-grown nursery stock. We use the best quality mix, Osmocote 15-9-12 fertilizer and extensive irrigation-oh, and our plants receive lots of TLC.  Our stock includes many weeping varieties, cloned seedlings, grafts, rare and unique specimens (e.g. Acer palmatum 'Sharp's Pygmy', Pinus aristata 'Bristlecone Pine', Sciadopitys verticillata 'Japanese Umbrella Pine'), newer variety shrubs (e.g. Cornus kousa 'Pendula'), and rows of beautiful & unusual perennials, as well as providing a large variety of grasses. We also offer small fruit and fruit tree selections. 



Count on us for your "just in time" inventory.  Buy what you need when you need it. We have no minimums.  "Just in Time" inventory replenishment provides you with fresh, healthy, well-irrigated and pruned product throughout the season. This allows you to provide your customers with the product they will want to buy.  Let us be your warehouse.  We will tend to the irrigating and care of the product until you need it and we will deliver it too.



Although we are primarily a wholesale nursery, Plantasia Nursery invites retail customers to visit the nursery at any time.  We also welcome Garden Clubs and educational groups to contact the nursery to arrange a tour.



The 2019 Seasonal hours April through mid-November: Tue-Fri 7am-3pm,
Sat. 8am-1pm Closed Sun-Mon -  Hours subject to change due to weather, contact us to confirm.  Let's "Grow" Together!